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How Kerrville's mail got from the train depot to the post office

I've seen these photos before, but they're interesting.  This fellow, armed as he was, carried the mail from the train (about where Rails is today) to the post office (probably where Sheftall's Jewelers is today, the old "Masonic Building").
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Tom Tarver and a load of mail.  Note the depot in the background.
A closer view.  I'd guess these were taken in the 1930s, but I'm not sure.
I had several emails about this post questioning my guess about the date on these photographs; there is an automobile behind the wagon in the top image.

Deborah G., a fellow local history researcher sent this additional information:

I was curious about Tom Tarver since you indicated he might have been delivering mail in a wagon in the 1930s. That was long after most has switched to motorized transport. I found two stories about Tom Tarver delivering the mail.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, 6/10/1926, p. 1.  Tom Tarver entering 27th year as mail carrier between the railway station and the Post Office.
He began his service on June 3, 1900, when L. A. Enderle was postmaster.  "He has met the train approximately 81,390 times and compiled an estimated miles without leaving the city of 23,542--a few hundred short of the distance around the world."  
Nickname was "Chief".

KMS 12/14/1933  To retire Jan. 1, 1934.  He used a horse drawn wagon the entire time he delivered the mail.  When he retired the Railway Express Agency took over the run.

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  1. I love old train stations, and it was a treat to see the Kerrville Train Station.

    Thanks, Joe.


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