Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rare photos of a Kerr County sorghum mill

I'm not sure about the process used to mill sorghum, but it appears to include crushing the sorghum and boiling the juice.  Sorghum was processed this way to create a syrup, which was used, I think, as a sweetener. A website offering sorghum syrup for sale says "Sorghum syrup is mild and can be eaten alone or on biscuits, rolls, and toast. It is also good in baked beans, barbecue sauce, gingerbread, popcorn balls, cookies, pies, and cakes."
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Kerr County Sorghum Mill, possibly mid-1930s, and
possibly taken by Starr Bryden
Another view of a Kerr County Sorghum mill.

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  1. When I was growing up, sorghum molasses was to the South what maple syrup is to New England--and more. In our home we put sorghum molasses or honey on pancakes, waffles, or biscuits. Sorghum and sweet butter mixed together was a homemade candy for us. Some sorghum syrup has a golden tone and is light, some is darker and heavier molasses. The lighter sorghum is the best for eating. I use the heavier for cooking.

  2. Those photos are absolutely fascinating!

    Thank you for posting the pictures.

    As a side note, a family-run sorghum mill is shown in the old 1941 movie "Sergeant York," starring Gary Cooper.

  3. These are wonderful photos, Joe.

    What a treasure you are for sharing them with us.


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