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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. W. A. Salter, publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun

I grew up knowing Mrs. W. A. (Camilla Elizabeth Atkison) Salter, and she was one of my heroes.  She was the publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun, and when I was a boy the newspaper's office on Water Street, a few steps toward Earl Garrett Street along the sidewalk from where Baublit's Jewelers is today, was one of my frequent stops.
In 1924, two brothers bought the Kerrville Mountain Sun, W. A. (Winfred Alwin) Salter and his brother Clarence.  Both brothers died young, within a few months of each other.  W. A. Salter died in March 1930, at the age of 45; his brother Clarence E. Salter died the previous July.
Mrs. W. A. Salter suddenly found herself not only a widow, but also a single mother additionally tasked with running a small-town newspaper during the Great Depression.  How she did it I do not know.
I was glad to run across this image I'd never seen before: a portrait of Mr. W. A. Salter.  He made a great decision when he married Camilla Elizabeth, and I'd often wondered what he looked like.
Incidentally, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Salter's grandson, James Salter, is the current mayor of Ingram.
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Mr. W. A. Salter, publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun.
Mrs. W. A. Salter and her grandchildren James and Louise Elizabeth, mid-1950s
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  1. I never met Mr. W.A. Salter, but I had many business transactions with Mrs. Salter. She was a wonderful person and a true lady.

    Also, I loved the Mountain Sun newspaper office.

    It was an exciting place to visit.

    You may think this is strange, but both levels (floors) of the office had a very specific smell, and it was wonderful. I suspect it was the smell of ink, or more likely the linotype machines.

    What a great place.


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