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Four images of old Pampell's

Little Tourists and a patient horse.
Before its sad recent decline, Pampell's was an important part of the Kerrville community. Graduations were held there, upstairs.  Dances, too, including square dances "called" by Louis Schreiner.  Movies were shown upstairs.  There was an "Opera House" up there as well, though I think that meant something quite different in those days.  I think it meant a space where performances were held.  I know live performances were staged there, including performances by traveling "Chautauqua" groups.
In my own youth, during the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, Pampell's was a drug store and soda fountain.  A part of each work day was spent there; my father would often walk down there with a customer or family to "have a Coke."  
I remember other regulars, too.  The Mosty brothers, Leroy and Tony, from Mosty's Garage.  Merrill Doyle, the artist, was often there.  Dad often met Joe G. Russell there, too.  Mr. Russell was another fine artist in our community.
The Hoods, Bob and Carolyn, were the owners then.  Virgie Morriss worked the register opposite the soda fountain, and Emmie Kneese worked the long soda fountain.  Ms. Emmie made me many a milkshake; Ms. Virgie sold me many a Hersheys bar.
These images, for the most part, are from an album Lanza Teague shared with me long ago.

Young tourists: Virginia, Dorothy, and Margaret.
Note the Pampell's building is a painted frame building.

A buggy in front of Pampell's. Note the Candy and Bottling Works sign.
Note, also, the front has been stuccoed.

A sleepy Water Street, sometime just before World War I.
I have the old Victrola Pampell's sign in my collection.
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  1. Good pictures. They are a treasure.

    Macye Meadows

  2. Great Acoustic for singing in that building even today. Our daughter stood on the balcony and sang Opera when it was an antique/jewelry store. I really feel like Kerrville is missing the mark on promoting what they say they want to do in the fine arts. Look at Branson, Mo. Even for breakfast in cafes, there is an artist singing and selling his cds. People sing along. There is a great sense of what the United States use to be like. They sing gospel, patriotic, country, and new songs. In the arts and crafts booth, there was one booth were two men played their guitars and sang for tips. Sometimes there were other people that jammed with them. I would love to see that in Kerrville.

  3. I have the old Victrola Cabinet but the player is missing. Would love to find a replacement.

  4. These are wonderful photographs.

    I've never seen Pampell's with stucco. That is very interesting.

    In the last photo, there seems to be an old scale in front of Pampell's. It was the type that only cost a penny. I loved those old scales. Also, just one or two stores down from Pampell's (to the left of the scale) there is a bicycle.

    I can't determine much about the bike, other than it appears to be a typical design.

    However, in the first photo, parked along side Pampell's, is another bicycle. While I can't see it very well, it seems to have a unique design. The body seems to have a large hump in it. It's difficult to see the bicycle, so I'm not certain that it is truly unusual.

    While looking at the last photo, especially when looking down the sidewalk in front of the hotel, it looks so very peaceful. I long to return to that type of lifestyle.

  5. Joe, you stated, "Before its sad recent decline, Pampell's was an important part of the Kerrville community."

    What has happened to the Pampell's building?

    Whatever has happened, I hope that it is temporary because that old building is a beloved part of Kerrville.

  6. The missing information on Butt's business card is a street or mailing address and a telephone number.

    Love your website!.

  7. The street and/or mailing address and telephone number are missing on Butt's card.

    Love your website!


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