Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The recycled cattle trough in a Kerrville city park

Dairy cattle, part of the Lewis farm.
Kerrville's "Westland Park," at the intersection of Woodlawn and West Water Streets, has a unique recycling project that many would never recognize.  What once was a cattle watering trough is now a picnic table -- and has been for well over 50 years.  I recently ran across images showing the trough in its original use -- and ones showing later uses.
I thought I'd share them with you here, since I noticed work being done on the old, quiet park.  I think the City is building a new playscape there.
Another view of the old trough.  A glimpse of the Lewis Dairy barn is on the right.

Fast forward to about 1965.  An Easter Egg hunt at the park.
I'm the kid third from the left on the front row.

As the old table appears today.

Another view of the table today.
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  1. Wow ... that was a cool story Joe. It is very fascinating to know the origin of the items that we have been seeing for years.

  2. I love old photos like these. It's fun to compare the old photos with the current ones.

    Does anyone know when the Lewis Dairy farm closed down?

  3. Another interesting piece, thank you!!

  4. The first two photos show a hill in the background. Utilizing Google Map, I displayed Westland Park on my monitor. The same hill appears to still exist; it wasn't removed during the building of the homes in that area (at least not all of it was removed). In my mind I could picture where the old Lewis house was located. I'm not certain why, but it was fun to compare the old to the current.

  5. I'm convinced that the entire history of photography was invented for one ultimate goal, and purpose - so that Joe can teach us.

    You know the old saying, "a Herring photo a day, keeps the doctor away." :)

    Thank you, Joe, you truly do teach us. When I think of the TREMENDOUS amount of education that has been given to us by you, I am astounded (and, very grateful).

  6. I wonder, what is in the trough?


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