Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 1947-48 Kerrville Cardinals baseball team

I received this image of the 1947-48 Kerrville Cardinals baseball team from a fellow history sleuth, Robert Puig:
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1947-48 Kerrville Cardinals, courtesy of Robert Puig
Here are some notes provided by Mr. Puig:

I recently acquired a copy of an old 1947 Kerrville Daily Times new paper clipping (date of issue unknown at this time) of a Kerrville Mexican-American baseball team called "The Cardinals". The actual  photo belongs to my cousin Zulema Ayala Sandoval of Kerrville who shared it with the Kerrville Daily Times .

The players in this photo were people whom I personally knew. Many of these guys were born and grew up in Kerrville. Some have passed away others have moved to other states such as Jaime Cortez who lives in Fresno,California and my cousin Joe Cortez Jr who lives in Chicago. I have corrected some of the player's last names. The photo was taken at the Harper Road Field probably back in 1947.

LtoR Standing: Federico Moreno ( coach), Rudy Silvas,Alejandro Gonzalez,Simon Ramos, Pedro " Chulo" Vargas, Jaime Cortez , Ramiro Madrid. Sitting LtoR: Felipe Castillo, Joe " Cone" Cortez, Fernando Lopez, Eliseo " Cheo" Bill, Isidro Davila, Ramon Lemos Jr.,Joe Ramos and David " El Blue" Medrano.

The nicknames are my insertion. These are the nicknames by which these guys were known in our community.

Thanks, Mr. Puig, for sharing this image with all of us.

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  1. Before today, I had never heard of the Kerrville Cardinals - very interesting.

    The old saying is true, "you learn something new everyday."

    Thanks Joe. Thanks Mr. Puig.


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