Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mystery Photo Solved -- Building identified!

Thanks, readers, for playing along with my April Fools post from yesterday.  The building below, though marked Kerrville is not from around here.  In fact, I took the photo myself, in Kerrville, Tennessee back in 1998.  We'd taken the kids to Washington, D.C. by car, and on the way back we made a little detour to visit Tennessee's Kerrville.  It was very small -- about the size of Luckenbach -- but it had this building and two churches.  We ate a picnic lunch at the Methodist church, snapped a few photos, and spent the night in Nashville.  Happy April Fools Day!  (That was a gentle little prank, don't you think?)
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Densford building, Kerrville, Tennessee (not Texas).

Another view, Densford building, Kerrville, Tennessee (not Texas).
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  1. You are very clever, Joe!!!! I would never have known there was another Kerrville!!!

  2. The picture you have taken in kerrville tennessee. Is our old store once was a cotton gin then was a gas station and has been 4 restaurants since then. Im palmer Densford thank you for takin this. it brings back memories

  3. As a child I remember going to Mr. Tom's store every day when visiting my grandparents, Jim and Alma Parr. Grand daddy went every day and when we were visiting he always took me and my brothers. I loved going to Mr. Tom's. We always got a Coke, peanuts, and a bag of candy. Some of my fondest memories. I am sure my mother, Carolyn Parr, spent many days there growing up.


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